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Little drivers ready for the future: Jumicar seeking franchises in BiH

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Little drivers ready for the future: Jumicar seeking franchises in BiH

Jumicar, one of the most original educational programs for children which for the past 23 years and as a proven business concept has been expanding through franchises, is now looking for recipients of master franchise in the Balkans.

The idea for the concept was born in Finland in 1989. Jukka Nappari, founder of Jumicar, came up with the idea to make an educational center of a simple, fun road safety practice track: he offered children the opportunity to drive real small cars, but on a track which simulated real traffic. Besides learning to drive, children had to interpret traffic signs, respect the traffic lights…. says the franchising.hr portal.

However, even though the new concept of entertainment imposed a great responsibility, kids loved Jumicar: they learned and accepted the rules incomparably faster and more easily, as it was obvious that they wanted to learn with more enthusiasm because rather than just sitting in lectures, they could drive real cars with petrol engines - just like their dads and moms.

Jumicar cars have everything that real cars with automatic transmission have. They are conceived and designed especially for children, with a polyethylene chassis that buffers shock at speed of up to 20km/h. Safety is improved with three-point seat belts and hydraulic disc brakes. The cars have an environmentally-friends 4-stroke petrol engine consuming only 0.3 liters per hour, with noise level at only 50 decibels. Car speed is limited to 15km/h. Engines last a very long time because they work in the regime of low speed and load.

Nappari decided to develop the idea and build the first track in Germany and expand the concept a year later through franchising. Today, there are Jumicar tracks in Austria, Cyprus, the UK, Finland, Greece, Morocco, Portugal, Qatar, Spain, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, but also in Croatia and Slovenia.

Jumicar, however, is looking for recipients of master franchisees and franchisees in other countries of the region: Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro.

The franchisee recipient should provide land for a stationary ground of at least 250 sqm, but 400 sqm would be ideal. Jumicar would, as part of the support, help in selection of the area for the track and its equipping. They would also provide favorable procurement of all required and optional items necessary for work.

Required initial investment, without operating costs, ranges from 26,000 to 36,000 euros, depending on the type of car that you purchase - new or used. The investment includes five cars, a license for the initial five years (1,000 euros per car) and basic equipment - road signs, traffic lights, supply for the track and other Jumicar equipment and a starter package with the material for marketing.

To their future partners, Jumicar can offer multiple sources of income: at a stationary track income is generated by tickets and vehicles, providing support services and activities for children and parents, as well as attracting advertisers and business partners who could use this concept for a variety of promotional activities. Within the property souvenirs may be sold (T-shirts, hats, helmets, gloves ...), and the track can be hired for birthdays and celebrations. A mobile track could be used for promotional purposes of car-houses, department stores that have a parking lot or a garage, fairs, school competitions in knowledge of traffic and the like.

Jumicar certainly counts on the people who are enterprising and willing to enthusiastically work to develop the business according to the needs and characteristics of the local market. In turn, each recipient of the Jumicar master franchise is guaranteed the territorial sovereignty and continuous support to the business.

Also, the Jumicar headquarters guarantees to each master franchise recipient the territorial exclusivity which means that no one in the given area will get a franchise to run a Jumicar park for training children. The headquarters also helps in selection of the track, as well as with its equipping. Jumicar offers the possibility of favorable supply of numerous products needed for the work. They provide promotional materials and develop a marketing strategy and inform franchise recipients at annual meetings about everything that is new in the offer and concept. Each operator receives a manual with all the relevant information about managing the track, either stationary, or mobile.




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