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Ivan Žilić from Vareš: The wealth I have is worth 24 billion euros

Source: Večernji List, 11/11/2013 8:35:58 AM

Considering the assets whose value is staggering 24 billion euros, Ivan Žilić, anonymous engineer of mechanical engineering, was born in Vareš 65 years ago, and is one of the richest billionaires in the world. That the story of the enormous wealth of this BiH Croat is not "canard" is illustrated by the fact that Žilić paid in late April this year to Luxembourg (the country where he currently lives) more than a billion and seventy millions in taxes, according to the World magazine. Bare statistics say that he is not only the wealthiest living Croat but would that he would be in the Forbes list of the wealthiest people among the top 20. When you read his full biography, newspaper articles, statements that he gave to the German, American, British newspapers ... Ivan’s journey into the world of billions was quite bumpy.

The whole story of his wealth started when he, as an employee of the U.S. giant Ford, discovered in 1998 the revolutionary invention of mounting bracket for technical circuits, without which the world of automobile industry today is almost unimaginable. Through several years of application of the Žilić’s invention the American Ford saved tens of billions of euros. But as usual, the inventor and owner of the patent, Ivan Žilić, received a recognition for excellence from the U.S. car manufacturer only in 1999 and the payment of the funds just did not happen. "In every car 12 holders are placed (four for brakes, for four wings, one for the hood and three parts of the engine) according to my technological solution.

The Ford plant in Cologne annually produces more than 400.000 cars. In Europe there are two more Volvo companies that use my patent. It is used by other car factories. When I did not get the money for my invention I launched a lawsuit against Ford in 2004, told the richest Croat Ivan Žilić to the Business World.

Then he started his fight for justice in German courts, where lawyers exchanged. Was it for corruption or fear, they simply did not take David-Ivan Žilić’s side in the legal battle with Goliath - Ford car factory. Even one of his legal representatives, Bartenbach sided with Ford during the trial. Three of his lawyers were sent to jail because their client Ivan Žilić proved that he was financially taken advantage of, not defending him and his demands but the Ford factory itself.

At a trade show in Essen the Black and Decker tool factory presented Žilić’s invention as their own, which is why he threatened to sue. In the meantime, the dispute was clearly resolved in his favor, and he now lives comfortably from his patent.

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