Nabavka usluga distribucije avionskog goriva unutar baze Butmir

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BUTMIR Camp Sarajevo

Bldg. 225, 71210 Ilidza, BH

Fax: Civil +387-33-495707






1. Publication reference



2. Procedure

Open International Competitive Bidding procedure, in order to establish a service contract with fixed prices.


3. Budget year

2018 year


4. Financing

EUFOR Budget


5. Contracting Authority

European Union Forces (EUFOR) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, represented by the EU HQ Procurement and Contracting Office (P&C), Butmir Camp, 71210 Ilidza, Bosnia and Herzegovina.



6. Description of the services

The subject of the contract is to provide manning of the jet fuel distribution point at HQ EUFOR, Camp Butmir, 71210 Ilidza, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


7. Number and titles of lots

The contract is not divided in lots, and bidders should bid for the complete scope of services indicated in the bidding dossier.



8. Eligibility

Participation to this procedure is open on equal terms to all natural and legal persons of the Member States of the European Union. Bidders from the countries specified in Part II Article 3 and part IV, Article 3 of the Financial Rules applicable to expenditure financed through ATHENA and clause 3 of the instructions to bidders of the published bidding dossier are eligible to participate. This includes the EU Member States of the European Union, Turkey, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Chile, FYROM, Mexico, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Aruba, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland and the United States of America.


9. Grounds for exclusion

Bidders must submit a duly signed declaration, included in the Bid submission Form for a Service Contract.


10. Number of bids

Bidders may submit only one bid for the complete scope of services as outlined in the bidding documentation.


11. Bid guarantee

Bidders must provide a bid guarantee of 2,000.00 EUR when submitting their bid. This guarantee will be released to unsuccessful bidders once the bidding procedure has been completed and to the successful bidder upon signature of the contract by all parties.


12. Performance guarantee

The successful bidder will be required to provide a performance guarantee of 10% of the amount of the contract at the signing of the contract. If the selected bidder fails to provide such a guarantee, the contract will be void and a new contract may be drawn up and sent to the bidder which has submitted the second best admissible bid.


13. Information meeting and/or site visit

No information meeting / site visit is planned.


14. Bid validity

Bids must remain valid for a period of 90 days after the deadline for submission of bids.


15. Period of performance

The Contract period of performance will be 01 January 2018 till 31 December 2018 with the right vested in Procurement and Contracting Office (P&C) to extend the duration of the contract on a yearly basis until maximum 31 December 2019.



16. Selection criteria

The selection criteria shall be specified when bidding dossier is published and will consist of:

1. Administrative compliance

2. General Capacity

2. a. The Company court registration documents and VAT registration.

3. Economical/Financial capacity criteria: The bidder must have an average annual turnover of 300,000.00 EUR, during the past three years (2016, 2015 and 2014).

4. Professional capacity criteria: The staff to be employed on the contract should have following:

a) Minimum one (1) person with 5 years of working experience must be certified in accordance with ASTM D 1655 standard (related to all testing procedures on the spot and ability to read/interpret laboratory results). 

b) All personnel must have minimum two (2) years’ experience with operating the Jet (F35) fuel facility equipment/system (FAUDI filter, emergency switch valve, transfer pumps, specific safety elements required by ICAO regulations) and jet fuel vehicles.

c) All personnel must be certified with ADR certificate (Training Certificate for Drivers Carrying Dangerous Goods) not older 2 years.

d) All personnel (drivers) have to possess and submit valid driving license (“C” category).

e) Firefighting certificate for all personnel (airport firefighting skill, issued by authorized institution).

f) First aid certificate for all personnel (issued by authorized institution).

5. Technical capacity criteria:

The bidder must provide evidence that he has been the main contractor for at least one successfully completed project/contract similar to the requirements of the subject Terms and References (Annex II) and for a minimum contract value of 100,000.00 EUR during the past 3 years (2016, 2015 and 2014).

6. Compliance with Terms of References (Annex II).


17. Award criteria

The Contract will be awarded to the lowest priced bidder, while being fully administratively and technically compliant.



18. How to obtain the bidding dossier

The bidding dossier including all bidding instructions, selection and award criteria and contractual conditions shall be available as from 14 July 2017 from the following internet address: under tenders.  Bids must be submitted using the standard bid form included in the bid dossier, whose format and instructions must be strictly observed.

Bidders with questions regarding this bid should send them in writing to Procurement and Contracting Office, Butmir Camp, 71210 Ilidza, BIH, Fax: 00387 33 495-707, e-mail: mentioning the publication reference shown in item 1 at least 21 days before the deadline for submission of bids given in item 19. The Contracting Authority must reply to all bidders' questions at least 14 days before the deadline for submission of bids given in item 19. Eventual clarifications to the bidding dossier will be published on the above mentioned website.


19.Deadline for submission of bids

Bids must be submitted in accordance with the following instructions to bidders that shall be published in the bidding dossier and not later than Monday, 09 October 2017, 11:00 hr. 

Any bid received after this deadline will not be considered nor evaluated.


20. Bid opening and evaluation session

Bid opening and evaluation session shall take place during the months of October/November. Notification of award to successful bidder shall take place in November and contract signature in December 2017.


21. Language of the procedure

All written communications for this bidding procedure and contract must be in English.


22. Legal basis

Council Decision (CFSP) 2015/528 of 27 March 2015, and in accordance with the Financial rules applicable to expenditure financed through ATHENA (Act of the Special Committee dated 16 March 2016).


23. This bidding procedure is EU unclassified.


FIB for Manning of the Jet fuel distribution point at HQ EUFOR, Camp Butmir