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Goražde is the largest construction site in BiH 2014

Source: Fena, 1/27/2014 12:05:40 PM

Goražde is the largest construction site in BiH 2014

Before the war Goražde municipality was one of the most developed municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and former Yugoslavia tens of thousands of different products for the worldwide market was coming out of factories in Goražde. During and after the war Goražde was completely blocked and forgotten, and today, thanks to its self-initiative, it again brings back its ''old'' glow.

Mayor and municipality Muhamed Ramović told Fena Agency that the town on the Drina river will once again be an economic giant in two or three years and that it is in an enviable position again, it develops rapidly, the number of employees grows, and families from across the country come to Goraže looking for a job, buy flats and start a new life.

Ramović states that numerous investors, companies and plants and a large number of jobs are a sufficient reason for residents of surrounding towns such as Foča, Čajniče, Novo Goražde, Višegrad, Rudo, Rogatica, Ustikolina and Prača to come to work in Goražde, and many families across the country find the solution to unemployment here.



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