Nabavka usluga podrške civilnom društvu u Bosni i Hercegovini

Datum objave: 29.03.2021. 12:21 / Izvor:, 25.03.2021.

Invitation to tender

Date of publication Simap: 25.03.2021

1. Contracting authority

1.1 Official name and address of the contracting authority

Contracting authority/Authority of assignment: Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA Swiss Agency for Developmentand Cooperation SDC
Procurement authority/Organizer: Swiss Agency for Developmentand Cooperation SDC
Embassy of Switzerland in Bosnia and Herzegovina,  attn Lejla Buzar, Zmaja od Bosne 11 (building B),  71000  Sarajevo,  Bosnia and Herzegovina,  E-mail:


1.2 Offers should be sent to the following address

Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC
Embassy of Switzerland in Bosnia and Herzegovina,  attn Lejla Buzar, Zmaja od Bosne 11 (building B),  71000  Sarajevo,  Bosnia and Herzegovina,  E-mail:

1.3 Desired deadline for questions in written form


Remarks: No information is given by telephone. Any questions may be submitted anonymously by 06.04.2021 on the forum space at Questions submitted late cannot be answered. Answers will be published on by 13.04.2021. Tenderers are themselves responsible for downloading the answers from and for taking them into consideration in the preparation of the bids.

1.4 Deadline for submitting offers

Date: 05.05.2021, Specific deadlines and formal requirements:  Bids should include all the documents stipulated in section 6 and submitted in a sealed envelope as follows:
a) one original signed hard copy of the Technical and Financial Proposal labelled 'Original',
b) two signed copies of the Technical and Financial Proposal labelled 'Signed Copy',
c) one data storage device (e.g. CD, DVD, USB memory stick) with all Technical Proposal and all Financial Proposal documents.
d) Alternative for submission of offers due to exceptional situation of Covid-19:
Due to the situation of Covid-19, the Tenderers can by way of exception submit the bid by email exclusively. In this case, the complete bid (format pdf), including all the documents stipulated in section 6, must be submitted to by 05.05.2021, 23:00 (CEST) at the latest.
The email must mention “Tender offer for the Civil Society Support Project” in the reference line. It is possible to submit a bid in more than one email in clearly labelled batches to. Tenderers must confirm in the email the binding force of the bid. The receipt of the bids submitted via email will be acknowledged via email at the latest until 07.05.2021.
Bids submitted late cannot be taken into consideration. The Tenderers whose bids were received late will be informed about this by email.
Language for offers: English

1.5 Date of the opening of bids:

12.05.2021, Remarks:  The bids are not opened publicly. In accordance with Art. 11 let. e PPA, the contracting authority safeguards the confidential character of all information provided by the Tenderer.

1.6 Type of contracting authority

Confederation (Central federal administration)

1.7 Type of procedure

Open procedure

1.8 Type of order

Order for services

1.9 Scope of international treaties


2. Objects of procurement

2.1 Service category CPC:

[27] Other services

2.2 Project title of the acquisition

PROJECT: CIVIL SOCIETY SUPPORT IN BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA Inception Phase: 01.08.2021 – 31.01.2022 Main Phase 1: 01.04.2022 – 31.03.2027

2.3 Reference / project no.


2.4 Division into lots?


2.5 Common Procurement Vocabulary


98300000 - Miscellaneous services

2.6 Subject and scope of the contract

In the late 90s, the international community provided strong support to the building of civil society in BiH, as it was seen as crucial to democratisation and reconciliation processes. Today, the majority of civil society organisations (CSOs) in BIH are institutionally weak, financially dependent and donor-driven. The most of them have become service providers and only few remain engaged in advocacy. The relations with CSOs’ constituencies and citizens are poor, they lack capacity to articulate citizens’ needs, they compete more than collaborate with each other. The project aims to strengthen citizens’ influence on policy making and policy implementation through their active mobilisation in CSOs which have the capacity to critically contribute to democratic reforms and social change in BiH. The estimated duration of the whole project is 10 years (August 2021 – September 2031). Inception Phase: 01.08.2021 – 31.01.2022; Main Phase 1: 01.04.2022 – 31.03.2027

2.7 Location where service is to be delivered

Bosnia and Herzegovina

2.8 Duration of the contract, framework agreement or dynamic purchasing system

Start: 01.08.2021, End: 31.03.2027

This contract is subject to renewal: Yes

Description of renewals: The contracting authority reserves the right to award subsequent mandates to the successful Tenderer of this tender procedure if a change of Tenderer for goods, work or services to replace, supplement or extend supplies already provided is not possible for economic or technical reasons, would cause considerable difficulties or would entail substantial additional costs.
However, follow-up mandates are subject to the existence of sufficient legal basis after the validity period of the “Federal Act of 30 September 2016 on Cooperation with the States of Eastern Europe”, namely 31 December 2024.

2.9 Options



2.10 Award criteria

AC 1: Qualification and experience of nominated team  Weighting 25% 

AC 2: Understanding of the mandate and general approach  Weighting 30% 

AC 3: Procedure and project organisation  Weighting 15% 

AC 4: Financial proposal  Weighting 30% 

2.11 Will variants be accepted?


Remarks: Variants are to be indicated expressly as such and to be submitted separately in addition to the basic bid. Tenderers must give reasons in writing for the advantages and equivalence of the variants in relation to the achievement of objectives. Otherwise they will not be taken into consideration.

2.12 Are partial offers permitted?



2.13 Implementation date

Start 01.08.2021 and finish 31.03.2027

Remarks: The subject of this tender concerns the preparation of the project as well as the implementation of its first phase. Mandating for implementation is dependent on the approval of the credit (funds) for the first implementation phase by SDC.
Foreseen duration:
Part 1 (Inception phase): 01.08.2021 – 31.01.2022
Part 2 (Main phase 1): 01.04.2022 – 31.03.2027

3. Conditions

3.1 General conditions of participation


3.2 Deposits/guarantees


3.3 Conditions of payment


3.4 Costs to be included


3.5 Consortium of bidders

Consortia of Tenderers are permitted. If the SDC concludes the contract with several contractors (consortium), all parties must sign, having first designated a person to represent the consortium vis-à-vis the SDC. The representative is expressly authorised to act for and on behalf of the consortium members. The consortium members shall be jointly and severally liable. The Tenderer lists all members and their roles.

3.6 Subcontractor

Subcontractors are permitted, subject to the prior approval of the awarding entity. If the Tenderer engages subcontractors in order to carry out the work, the Tenderer will assume overall responsibility. It must list all the subcontractors involved, together with the roles allocated to them, in Annex 3 'Tenderer information'.
Any contractual delegation by the contractor of performance of all or part of the present contract to subcontractors shall be subject to the prior written consent of the contracting authority. Subcontractors and their personnel must satisfy all conditions stipulated in the present contract and the appendices thereto. The contracting authority shall be liable solely to the contractor. In the event that the contractor delegates performance of all or part of the contract, the contractor shall bear sole liability for the acts of any subcontractors. As a general rule the Tenderer is required to make the characteristic supply.

3.7 Eligibility criteria

Based on the criteria given in the documentation

3.8 Evidence required

Based on the evidence required in the documentation

3.9 Conditions for obtaining the tendering documentation

Costs: none

3.10 Languages

Languages for offers: English

Language of the procedure: English

Remarks: The tender documentation is available in: English

3.11 Validity of offers

180 days after deadline for receipt of offers

3.12 Supplying source of the tendering documentation

Documents of the invitation to tender are available from: 25.03.2021  until  05.05.2021
Languages of documents: English
Further information for obtaining the tendering documentation: The documentation on the public call to tender for the project mentioned can be downloaded from the platform under Running procedures, Confederation, Invitations to tender. In order to do so, you first have to register in the mentioned project. You will then be able to log in, using the password that you will have been sent by email, and download the documentation required.

3.13 Conduct of dialogue



4. Other information

4.1 Conditions for tenderers from Non-Member States of the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement


4.2 Terms of business

General Conditions of Business (GCB) for Project Implementation Mandates – Version November 2019.
General Terms and Conditions for FDFA Mandates Type A and B.
These General Conditions of Business (GCB) and General Terms and Conditions for FDFA Mandates Type A and B shall be deemed to have been accepted by the contractor on submission of the bid.

4.3 On-site visit

remain reserved

4.4 Essential requirements

The contracting authority may only award public contracts for the supply of goods, work and services in Switzerland to Tenderers that ensure compliance with the workplace health and safety regulations and the terms and conditions of employment applicable at the place of performance, the notification and authorisation duties under the Federal Act of 17 June 2005 on Measures to Combat Illegal Employment (IEA) and the provisions on the equal treatment of men and women in terms of equal pay (see Art. 12 para. 1 PPA).
For goods, work or services to be supplied abroad, the Tenderer must, as a minimum, ensure compliance with the Core Conventions of the International Labour Organization as set out in Annex 6 PPA (see Art. 12 para. 2 PPA).
Accordingly, the contracting authority may only award a public contract to Tenderers that, as a minimum, comply with the legal provisions on the protection of the environment and the conservation of natural resources applicable at the place of performance (see Art. 12 para. 3 PPA in conjunction with Annex 2 PPA).
Any subcontractors that are permitted must meet the requirements set out in Article 12 paras. 1–3 PPA. These obligations must be incorporated into the agreements between Tenderers and subcontractors.

4.7 Official organ of publication

4.8 Procedures for appeal

This is a public contract under Annex 5 no. 1 let. d PPA. There is no right of appeal.


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