Izgradnja autoputa na Koridoru Vc, dionica Poprikuše-Zenica sjever (Donja Gračanica), podsekcija Ponirak-Vraca

Datum objave: 07.08.2019. 09:22 / Izvor: Official Journal of the European Union, 07.08.2019.

07/08/2019    S151    Europska investicijska banka - Radovi - Obavijest o sklopljenim ugovorima - Ograničeni postupak 


Bosna i Hercegovina-Sarajevo: EIB - Izgradnja autoceste

2019/S 151-371409

No: JPAC 851-B83-17

Bosnia and Herzegovina


 1.Name and address of the Contracting Authority

Public company Motorways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Ltd. Mostar, Adema, Buća 20, 88000 Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Attn: Ms Jasmina Olovčić, Hamdije Kreševljakovića 19, 71000 Sarajevo, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA, Tel: +387 33 277 958 - Fax: +387 33 277 901; +387 33 277 942 - Email: o.jasmina@jpautoceste.ba


 2.Award procedures chosen. I

Restricted tender after open call for pre-qualification.


 3.Public works contracts: nature and extent of the contract, general characteristics of the Work

Construction of motorway on Corridor Vc, Section Poprikuše – Zenica North (Donja Gračanica), Subsection Ponirak – Vraca; Contract No. JPAC 851-B83-17 in total length of 2,65 km. The route of the motorway subsection Ponirak - Vraca is connected to the section Vranduk - Ponirak in the north and to the section Vraca (Tunnel Zenica) - Donja Gračanica in the south. This subsection was designed using spatially adjusted continual curves of situational plan to satisfy the boundary elements for design speed Vr=120 km/h. 
Subsection starts on the western Drenovac hillside, above the Ponirak settlement. At the length of about 90 m, the alignment runs in steeply inclined slope and it is expected that for the purpose of slope stabilization, special geotechnical solutions will have to be applied. Route then crosses over a steady stream and access road to settlement of Ponirak (construction of the watercourse regulation and underpass, which enables communication with the hinterland is foreseen). 
At 0+150 m alignment enters into the northern portal of the tunnel Zenica. At the southern tunnel exit alignment runs in steep slope approximately at the chainage km 2+610. Section ends on the Gaje hillside, east from the settlement Donja Vraca, at km 2+650. 
The total length of the open alignment on this subsection is about 150 m and the tunnel length is approximately 2 500 m or 94 % of the works. 
Main structure on this subsection is Tunnel “Zenica”. Left tunnel tube starts at the chainage 0+135 and has a length of 2475m while right tunnel tube starts at the chainage 0+136 and has a length of 2420 m. Axis of the tunnel tubes are designed at a distance of 25 m. The project should be implemented in compliance with 54/2004 EU Directive on tunnel safety which is implemented through technical specifications and the main design. The contract will be implemented as per FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Construction for Building and Engineering Works Designed by the Employer, (Red Book), First Edition 1999.


 4.Date of contract award



 5.Contract award criteria

The lowest price.


 6.Number of tenders received

2 (two)


 7.Name and address of the successful economic operators

Euro – asfalt d.o.o. Sarajevo, Rajlovac bb, 71 000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


 8.Price or range of prices (minimum/maximum) paid

69 508 325.70 EUR (inclusive VAT) 
— Tender price: 59 408 825.00 EUR (exclusive VAT) 
— Value Added Tax: 10 099 500.70 EUR


 9.Value of the tender (tenders) retained or the highest tender and the lowest tender taken into consideration for the contract award

The highest: 69 928 639.80 EUR 
The lowest: 69 508 325.70 EUR


 10.Where appropriate, value and proportion of contract likely to be subcontracted to third parties


 11.Date of publication of the tender notice in accordance with the technical specifications for publication in Annex VIII

26.7.2017. (OJEU Ref: 2017/S 141-289054)


 12.Date of dispatch of the notice



 13.Name and address of the body responsible for appeal and, where appropriate, mediation procedures.

Body responsible for appeals and complaints is the Independent Complaints Committee established at the Federal Ministry of Transport and Communications 
Address: Braće Fejića bb, 88000 Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina 
Tel: +387 36 55 00 25 
Facsimile: +387 36 55 00 24