Novi tramvaji u Sarajevu

Datum objave: 14.09.2021. 09:38 / Izvor:, 13.09.2021.

Bosnia And Herzegovina: Procurement Of New Trams In Sarajevo 

Project Name: GrCF2 W2 Sarajevo Public Transport Phase III
EBRD Project ID: 51784
Country: Bosnia And Herzegovina
Client Name: Sarajevo Canton, Ministry of Transport
ECEPP ID: 11756013
Procurement Exercise Name: Procurement of new trams in Sarajevo
Procurement Method: Open Tender Single Stage with PQQ
Business Sector: Municipal and Environmental Infrastructure
Notice Type: Ebrd Contract Award Notice
Publication Date: 13/09/2021 11:34



Tender/Contract Reference No: 11756013: Procurement of new trams in Sarajevo

Scope Of Contract: Contract refers to purchase of fifteen new trams for Sarajevo Canton. The vehicles are low - floor, fully electric and articulated. The contract also includes supply of special tools and equipment, spare parts and related maintenance and training services for a period of 36 months.

Duration of Contract: 68 months 

Contract Award Date: 02/08/2021  

Awarded Tenderer(s):

Stadler Polska Sp. z o.o.(Lead partner) and Stadler Rail Valencia S.A.U. (Partner)

Tender price at tender opening: EUR 40,651,384.70
Evaluated Tender Price (in evaluation currency): EUR 34,744,773.25
Evaluated Tender Price (Euro Equivalent): € 34,744,773.25
Contract Price (in evaluation currency): EUR 34,744,773.25
Contract Price (Euro Equivalent): € 34,744,773.25

Is this a JVCA: Yes

JVCA Details:
Stadler Polska Sp. z o.o.
ul. Targowa 50
Siedlce, Poland, 08-110
Lead partner: Yes


Stadler Rail Valencia S.A.U.
Pol. Ind. del Mediterráneo. C/ Mitjera 6
Albuixech, Spain, 46550
Lead partner: No

Evaluated Tenderer(s):