6th Austrian Women Entrepreneurs Congress

31.03.2021. 14:21 / Izvor: Akta.ba
6th Austrian Women Entrepreneurs Congress

The MOTTO of the upcoming congress by Women in Business is “The power of change”.

The MOTTO of the upcoming congress by Women in Business is “The power of change”.

High-level experts will explore solutions and discuss opportunities arising from constantly changing demands. Exciting keynotes will provide convenient tools, hints and tips especially to support women entrepreneurs and women in the economy.


Dani Terbu & Nina Mohimi | Two creative consulter, working in the fields of digital branding, CRM, social web or rather innovation - and strategic development. Allow the experts to show you how networking work best in social media. 

Steffi Burkhardt | Top athlete and graduated health psychologist has focused on areas as cultural shifts, digitalisation as well as the so-called generation Y. The topic of her presentation is addressed to the transformation towards a digital corporate culture. 

Oona Horx-Strathern | Author and trend expert at the Zukunftsinstitut, is going to take us on a visionary journey. She represents the rising global generation of women taking the stage.

silvia Agha-Schantl | Medially multi-talent, popular business trainer as well as professional presenter and keynote speaker, will develop and explain how a fabulous customer acquisition works these days. 

PROGRAMME starts with our opening of the 6th Women Entrepreneurs Congress at 10:00 am.

Find more INFORMATION @ www.unternehmerin.at/kongress

REGISTRATION LINK: https://kongress.unternehmerin.at/registration_pages/1

The participation is free of charge.

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