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Izvođenje radova na izgradnji zaobilaznice Brčko

Izvor: EBRD, 16.09.2014.

Procurement ref: 7696-IFT-42473

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sector: Transport

Project number: 42473

Funding sources: EBRD

Contract type:  Project goods, works and services

Notice type: Invitation for tenders

Issue date: 16 Sept 2014

Closing date: 17 Nov 2014,14:00 Local Time


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This Invitation for Tenders follows the General Procurement Notice for this project which was published on the EBRD website, Procurement Notices ( on 1st September 2011 and updated on 3rd April 2013.

Public company “Roads of Brcko” Ltd. Brcko, Brcko District BIH (JP “Putevi Brcko”), hereinafter referred to as “the Employer” on behalf of the Government of Brcko District, intends using part of the proceeds of a loan from European Bank for Reconstruction and Development [the Bank] towards the cost of Construction of the Brcko by-pass.

The Employer now invites sealed tenders from contractors for the following contract to be funded from part of the proceeds of the loans:

The contract Construction of the Brcko by-pass includes construction of the new road 18.7km long, two lane single carriageways, with 12 new bridges (25.60m – 311.20m long)

Works will also include construction of 5 overpasses an 2 underpasses, rainwater drainage, river regulations, electric installations and traffic signalization and equipment.

The time for completion of works is 30 months.

Tendering for contracts to be financed with the proceeds of a loan from the Bank is open to firms and Joint Ventures from any country.

To be qualified for the award of a contract, tenderers must satisfy the following minimum criteria:


Average annual turnover:

- The tenderer shall have an average annual turnover in construction works over the last 5 years shall not be less than EURO 35 million equivalent.


Financial capacity:

- The Tenderer shall demonstrate that it has access to, or has available, liquid assets, unencumbered real estate, lines of credit and other financial assets sufficient to meet the construction cash flow for the contract for a period of 4 (four) months, estimated at not less than the equivalent amount of EURO 6.200.000 (six million two hundred thousand), taking into account the applicant's commitments for other contracts



- The Tenderer shall demonstrate that it has successful experience under contracts in the role of contractor or management contractor for the last five [5] years prior to the applications submission deadline, and with activity in at least nine (9) months in each year.


- Participation as contractor or management contractor in at least 3 (three) road construction projects and 2 (two) of them shall have at least 3 (three) road bridges within the last five (5) years, each with a value of at least EURO 30,000,000 (thirty million), that have been successfully and substantially completed and that are similar to the proposed Works. The similarity shall be based on the physical size, complexity, methods/technology or other characteristics as described in Section VI - Requirements.


- The tenderer shall demonstrate that above or other projects are showing construction of 3 (three) new concrete bridges with precast beams, in 12 months


- Moreover, the experience shall cover the execution of the following elements of the construction works, over last 5 years:

1. Earthworks …………………………………………… 300.000,00 m³/year

2. Asphalt Pavements ……………………………………..50.000,00 tones/year


- Personnel Capabilities


The Tenderer shall provide suitably qualified personnel to fill the following positions.



Total Work similar experience

(min. years required)

In similar works experience

(min. years required)

Project manager



Site manager



Civil Works Manager (road)



Civil Works Manager (bridges)



Quality Assurance Manager



Safety Manager




Equipment Capabilities

The applicant shall own, or have assured access to (through hire, lease, purchase agreement, availability of manufacturing equipment, or other means), the following key items of equipment in full working order, and must demonstrate that, based on known commitments, they will be available for use in the proposed contract. The applicant may also list alternative equipment which he would propose to use for the contract, together with an explanation of the proposal.

Equipment type and characteristics


Minimum pieces required

Hot Asphalt mixing plant for construction of asphalt concrete (AB) and skeleton mastics asphalt (SMA - PmB), of minimum capacity 160 t/h

less than 10 years old


Concrete batching plant, minimum capacity 30 m3/h

less than 10 years old


Concrete transport mixer

Less than 7 years old


Wheeled asphalt paver, width min. 8m

less than 7 years old


Wheeled asphalt paver, width min. 6m

less than 7 years old


Concrete pump, min. capacity 25m3/h

less than 7 years old



less than 10  years old



less than 10 years old



less than 10 years old


Tipper truck, min. capacity 20t

less than 10 years old



less than 10 years old



less than 10 years old


Combined roller

less than 10 years old


Tandem roller, min. 10 t

less than 10 years old


Tender documents may be obtained from the office at the address below upon payment of a non-refundable fee of 500 EURO by bank transfer to:


Beneficiary Bank:  NLB Razvojna banka a.d. Milana Tepica br. 4, 78000 Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Swift Code:                 RAZBBA22XXX

IBAN Code:                 BA395620048115557873

Beneficiary name:      JP “Putevi Brcko” d.o.o. Brcko District BIH

Beneficiary address:   Mese Selimovica 1, 76100 Brcko, Brcko District Bosnia and Herzegovina


Payment option is OUR which means that the Applicant will cover all Bank costs related to this payment and money transfer. If requested, the documents will be promptly dispatched by courier, but no liability can be accepted for loss or late delivery. 


All tenders must be accompanied by a tender security of 500.000,00 Euro.


Tenders must be delivered to the office at the address below on or before 14.00 hours (local time) 17th November 2014, at which time they will be opened in the presence of those tenderers’ representatives who choose to attend.


JP “Putevi Brcko” d.o.o. Brcko District BiH           

Mese Selimovica 1, 76100 Brcko,

Bosnia and Herzegovina


A register of potential tenderers who have purchased the tender documents may be inspected at the address below.


Prospective tenderers may obtain further information from, and inspect and acquire the tender documents at, the following office:



Contact person: Ljilja Stjepanovic

JP “Putevi Brcko” d.o.o. Brcko District BiH

Mese Selimovica 1, 76100 Brcko, Brcko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tel: +387 49 490 151

Fax: +387 49 490 160;