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Datum objave: 16.10.2023. 13:22

Nabavku filatelističkog materijala

Izvor:, 16.10.2023.

Number: 1/2.9 -3482/23

Date: 16.10.2023.



SUBJECT: Call for proposals in the subject - "Purchase of philatelic material"


To Whom It May Concern:

Based on the Decision of the Administration of the Enterprise for Postal Traffic RS A.D. Banja Luka no. 1.- 3482/23 of 02.10.2023, and in accordance with Article 86, paragraph 1, point a. of the Law on Public Procurement of BiH ("Official Gazette of BiH" No. 39/14 by-laws adopted in accordance with the Law), we invite you to submit your offer for participation in the subject of public procurement of goods "Purchase of philatelic material".


All information related to this procedure can be obtained from the person who is authorized to conduct communication on behalf of the contracting authority with bidders:

Contact person: Sonja Plavsic

Phone: 051/241-599

b: 051/215-570



1. Subject of procurement

1.1 The subject of this procedure is: Purchase of philatelic material

Designation and name from JRJN: 22900000-9

Purchase serial number 130/23

1.1. The planned value for this purchase is 3,000.00 BAM without VAT.

1.2. Duration of the contract: until the fulfillment of the contractual obligations.

1.3. Place of delivery of goods: Poste Srpska - Main warehouse, Kralja Petra I Karadjordjevica Street no. 93

1.4. Deadline for delivery of goods: maximum 30 days from the date of delivery of the purchase order.

1.5. Terms and method of payment: within at least 30 days from the date of the invoice.

1.6. The validity of the offer is 90 days from the date of opening of offers.


2. Preparation of offers

2.1 Bidders bear all costs related to the preparation and delivery of their bids. The contracting authority is not responsible or obliged to bear those costs.

2.2. The offer is made in such a way as to form a whole and must be written in indelible ink.

Corrections in the offer must be made in such a way that they are visible and confirmed by the bidder's signature, indicating the date of correction. All offer sheets must be firmly bound in such a way as to prevent subsequent removal or insertion of the sheets, except for the warranty documents. Hardcover means an offer bound in a book or an offer secured by a guarantor. Parts of the offer such as samples, catalogs, data storage media, etc. which cannot be bound, the bidder marks with the name and states in the content of the bid as part of the bid. All sides of the offer must be numbered in such a way that the serial number of the page or sheet is visible, in accordance with Article 8, paragraph (6) and (7) of the Instructions for the preparation of tender documentation and offer models. If the offer contains printed literature, brochures, catalogs, etc. which have originally numbered numbers, then those parts of the offer do not need to be additionally numbered.

2.3. If, due to the volume or other objective circumstances, the offer cannot be made in such a way as to form a whole, then it is made in two or more parts. In this case, each part is firmly bound in such a way as to prevent subsequent removal or insertion of sheets, and the bidder must state in the content of the bid how many parts the bid consists of. When the offer contains several parts, the pages or sheets are marked in such a way that each subsequent part begins with a serial number that continues the serial number of the page or sheet that ends the previous part.

2.4. The offer is submitted in the original, on which it will be clearly written "ORIGINAL OFFER".


Purchase of philatelic material

Procurement number: 130/23


On the back of the envelope, the bidder is obliged to state the following:

Name of the bidder

Address of the bidder

2.5. Bidders may amend or supplement their bids only before the deadline for submission of bids expires. Amendments and additions to the offer are submitted in the same way as the basic offer, with a mandatory indication that it is an amendment or addition to the offer. The bidder may withdraw his offer within the same period, by submitting a written statement to the contracting authority. The written statement is submitted in the same way as the offer, with an indication that it is a withdrawal from the offer. In that case, the bid will be returned to the bidder unopened.


3. Place, date and time for receiving bids

3.1 Data for delivery of offers:


Date: 23.10.2023.

Time until offers are received: 9,30 h a.m.

3.2 Bids received after the deadline for receipt of bids are returned unopened to bidders.

Bidders who submit bids by post assume the risk if the bids do not arrive by the deadline set by the tender documents.


4. Place, date and time of bid opening

 4.1 Data on the opening of bids:


Contracting authority: Poste Srpske a.d. Banjaluka

Address: Kralja Petra I Karadjordjevica br. 93,


Office: Hall for tenders / II floor

Date: 23.10.2023

Opening time of bids received by the deadline for bid receipt: 10,00 h a.m.


4.2 Bidders or their representatives, as well as all other interested persons, may attend the bid opening. The information disclosed during the public opening of bids will be delivered to all bidders who submitted bids within the deadline through the Minutes of the Bid Opening, immediately, and within 3 days at the latest.

4.3 At the public opening of bids, the following information will be communicated to the bidders present:

- name of the bidder

- total price stated in the offer

- discount specified in the offer, if it is specifically stated

4.4 The representative of the bidder who wishes to officially participate in the opening of bids should, before the opening of bids, submit to the Commission a power of attorney for participation in the public opening on behalf of the business entity-bidder. If he does not have an official power of attorney, the bidder can, like other interested parties, attend the public opening, but without the right to sign the Minutes or undertake any legal actions on behalf of the bidder.

5. Contract award criteria and prices

5.1 The contract is awarded to the bidder who offered the lowest total price of a technically satisfactory bid. If bidders offer the same price, the bid of the bidder who offers more favorable payment terms will be considered more favorable.

5.2. All prices must be expressed in convertible marks (BAM). Bidders who submit their bids in another currency will be unacceptable and will be rejected as such.

5.3. Prices can only be changed if the publisher changes the price. In the event of a change in the price of the publication in the agreed period by the publisher, the bidder will notify the contracting authority in writing, so that the new prices will be applied from the day of the price change.

6. Notice of Award

All bidders will be notified of the decision of the contracting authority on the result of the public procurement procedure within 7 (seven) days from the date of the decision, by fax and mail.

Along with the notification of the results of the procedure, the contracting authority will deliver to the bidders the decision on the selection of the most favorable offer or the cancellation of the procedure, as well as the minutes on the evaluation of the offers.



/Rajko Komljenovic dipl.ecc./


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